ТВ-программа "English Club TV"

00:00Weather Forecast
00:05This Day in history
00:45Figures of Speech
01:00Magic science
01:15Art land
01:30Kids in action
01:35Crafty Hands
01:45Yummy for Mummy
02:00Weather Forecast
02:05This Day in history
02:15Basic lexis
02:25Step By Step
02:30English in focus
02:40Perfect English
02:50English Up
03:00Weather Forecast
03:05English 911
03:10Grammar Wise
03:40City Grammar
03:50What did they say
03:55National Parks
04:00Weather Forecast
04:05This Day in history
04:15Spot on the map
04:25Worth Seeing
04:35ECTV Extreme
04:45Keep Fit
05:00Weather Forecast
05:05Basic lexis
05:15Step By Step
05:20Here and There
05:30English is the Key
05:45Labour of love
06:00Weather Forecast
06:05This Day in history
06:45Figures of Speech
07:00Magic science
07:15Art land
07:30Kids in action
07:35Crafty Hands
07:45Mojo Morning
08:00Weather Forecast
08:05This Day in history
08:15Basic lexis
08:25Step By Step
08:30English in focus
08:40Perfect English
08:50English Up
09:00Weather Forecast
09:05The Language of Business
09:20English 911
09:25Grammar Wise
09:55What did they say
10:00Weather Forecast
10:05This Day in history
10:15Spot on the map
10:25Worth Seeing
10:35ECTV Extreme
10:45Keep Fit
11:00Weather Forecast
11:05Basic lexis
11:15Step By Step
11:20Here and There
11:30English is the Key
11:40Speak Up
11:45Labour of love
12:00Weather Forecast
12:05This Day in history
12:45Figures of Speech
13:00Magic science
13:15Art land
13:30Kids in action
13:35Crafty Hands
13:45Yummy for Mummy
14:00Weather Forecast
14:05This Day in history
14:15Basic lexis
14:25Step By Step
14:30English in focus
14:40Perfect English
14:50English Up
15:00Weather Forecast
15:05The Language of Business
15:20English 911
15:25Grammar Wise
15:55What did they say
16:00Weather Forecast
16:05This Day in history
16:15Spot on the map
16:25Worth Seeing
16:35ECTV Extreme
16:45Keep Fit
17:00Weather Forecast
17:05Basic lexis
17:15Step By Step
17:20Here and There
17:30English is the Key
17:40Speak Up
17:45Labour of love
18:00Weather Forecast
18:05This Day in history
18:45Figures of Speech
19:00Magic science
19:15Art land
19:30Kids in action
19:35Crafty Hands
19:45Yummy for Mummy
20:00Weather Forecast
20:05This Day in history
20:15Basic lexis
20:25Step By Step
20:30English in focus
20:40Perfect English
20:50English Up
21:00Movie Club
21:15The Three Musketeers
23:00Weather Forecast
23:05Basic lexis
23:15Step By Step
23:20Here and There
23:30English is the Key
23:40Speak Up
23:45Labour of love